Monday, December 21, 2015

Coping with a Split Family this Holiday Season.

Many families are going through a difficult time this holiday season.  For the first time mom and dad are living in separate residences and there is tension in the air.  In many cases divorce proceedings have yet to take place and may not occur at all.  This is a particularly difficult time for the children, so remember that when you gather with them this holiday season.

Use this time to reflect on how life will be if things continue on this path.  Is everyone better off this way, or is there a better way?  Whatever you decide try to take your own selfish interests and put them on the back burner for a moment.  The decisions you make will change your family structure forever.  Maybe that is the way it should be.  However, you decide to proceed, keep in mind that your spouse is the other parent of your child or children. No matter what issues divide you, always do your best to build up that parent in your children’s eyes.

After the holidays, contact Seattle area divorce attorney Lyle Clark for sound advice as to how to proceed.  Attorney Clark has been helping Seattle area residents deal with these important issues for over thirty years.  Make an appointment to sit down with him at his Bellevue Washington office by calling (425) 452-3092.  You will appreciate the council of someone with the expertise of Attorney Lyle Clark.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Working with a Probate Lawyer.

When you hire a probate lawyer you will feel better knowing that an expert is handling the paperwork involved in settlement of the estate.  In the case of probate this entails preparing and filing paperwork in court proceedings.  However, the personal representative also has duties. You will be required to provide your attorney any outstanding bills so that creditors can be notified concerning the need to file claims.  It will also be your responsibility to gather and safeguard assets as well as to continue to pay outstanding bills relating to maintenance of a house, if any, and to approve and pay any creditors claims out of estate funds.

Wrapping up an estate always involves sorting through the deceased individual’s papers.  Then you must reach out to various agencies and institutions.  This is where communication with your attorney is essential.  How much of this work do you want the attorney to do and how much do you wish to take on?

Attorney Lyle Clark of Bellevue, Washington, knows how difficult it is to find the right person that you can trust with the most intimate details of your loved one’s life.  He has had over 35 years of experience in the Seattle area navigating through the issues of probate.  At this most important time call Attorney Lyle Clark at his Bellevue office at (425) 452-3092.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Preparing My Last Will and Testament.

Some people may encourage you to draw up the will yourself - suggesting that you can save on attorney expenses by doing it yourself.  However, drafting a will is a complex legal matter that is best done with the assistance of a competent lawyer.  Each state has its own requirements for the contents of wills and the formalities for executing a will.  There are many variables to consider depending on the desires of each individual and the nature of that person’s estate. Some variables include provisions for children, whether to use testamentary trusts for children or other purposes, the appointment of a trustee or guardian, how to divide estates involving blended families with children from previous marriages, charitable bequests, and whether there are estate tax considerations.

The most important step in this process is to find an attorney with the experience and training to help you understand your options and carry out your wishes.  You need to find someone with empathy, integrity, and high ethical standards.  Talking openly with your attorney about your final wishes should be like sharing your thoughts with your best friend.

Before you make that decision, pick up the phone and talk to a lawyer about having an initial meeting.  Find out what that meeting entails and if there will be a cost to gather more information.

We encourage you to call Seattle area attorney Lyle Clark.  Attorney Clark has had over 35 years of experience navigating through the waters of drawing up final wills and testaments.  With Lyle Clark you will get his total commitment in understanding your unique needs through in-person meetings and ongoing interaction.  Call Seattle area attorney Lyle Clark today at (425) 452-3092 and arrange a meeting at his office located at 40 Lake Bellevue, Suite 100, in Bellevue.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Uncontested Divorce in the State of Washington.

The term “uncontested” has multiple meanings.  In Washington State, all cases are uncontested because the only ground for divorce (called marriage dissolution in Washington) is that the marriage is irretrievably broken.  The necessity of proving fault of some kind has been removed from the process.

Another meaning to “uncontested divorce” is that both parties to the divorce are in full agreement as to the issues before one of them ever contacts an attorney.  Why spend thousands of dollars fighting over a variety of issues if you can resolve them yourselves?  In Washington an attorney cannot represent both sides in a divorce because doing so would constitute a conflict of interest.  However, an experienced family law attorney can help make sure that the dissolution documents have been correctly drafted and that all issues have been appropriately addressed.

Seattle area family law Attorney Lyle Clark is a very skilled draftsman and an experienced negotiator with over 30 years of handling divorce cases in the state of Washington.  His first priority is to help settle your case out of court in order to avoid unnecessary expense and minimize conflict.  Call Lyle Clark today at (425) 452-3092 to find out more about how his expertise may help for you and to make an appointment to meet with him at his Bellevue WA office.

Monday, October 19, 2015

A Seattle Area Divorce Attorney.

Divorce can be terribly stressful.  You need to approach it as one of life’s unfortunate forks in the road.  Having a clear vision of what you want to get out of a divorce is very important.  If you and your partner can agree on an uncontested divorce, the proceedings will move forward at a much faster and less stressful pace.

Lyle Clark of Bellevue, WA is a knowledgeable and capable divorce lawyer who focuses on cases that can be resolved outside the courtroom.  The emotions associated with the dissolution of a marriage can sometimes get in the way. You need a dispassionate representative to analyze complex financial issues and gather all of the relevant information in a professional manner.  He will protect your interests as he negotiates a mutually acceptable settlement.

Dissolution of marriage may be a weighty matter, but it does not have to be contentious.  Call Attorney Lyle Clark at (425) 452-3092 to make an appointment at his office at 40 Lake Bellevue Suite 100.  You will take comfort in knowing that you have over 3 decades of experience on your side.

Monday, October 5, 2015

SSDI for People with Mental Impairments.

Having a physical condition that prevents you from working to support yourself and your family may be quite obvious.  What may NOT be so evident are those that have a debilitating mental disorder that also prohibits them from being totally self-sufficient.  Mental conditions such as PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), anxiety, major depression, bipolar disorder, psychotic disorder, intellectual disability, and autistic spectrum disorders may qualify you or someone that you love for Social Security Disability benefits.

Many times individuals will apply for SSDI or SSI (social security income) and initially be denied.  In a large number of cases if a knowledgeable lawyer is hired and defends your rights the decision is subsequently overturned.  You or someone you care about may be in that exact situation right now.

It is time to call Attorney Lyle Clark who has been helping Seattle area residents in these matters for over 35 years.  He has a great track record of helping individuals with various mental disorders obtain the benefits that they deserve.  Call Lyle Clark today at (425) 452-3092 and make an appointment to see him at his office at 40 Lake Bellevue, Suite 100 in Bellevue WA.