Monday, January 18, 2016

The Difference Between an Annulment and a Divorce.

We have all heard these two words.  They are the primary ways to legally end a marriage.  Many of us, however, are hazy on what constitutes an annulment, which in Washington State is referred to as a declaration of invalidity of marriage.  Annulment is a legal procedure which cancels a marriage between couples.  On the surface that seems simple doesn’t it?  But how does an annulment differ from a divorce?

Annulling a marriage is similar to saying that the marriage never existed.  An annulment may be sought by either party, however he or she must show that they have grounds to do so and be able to prove it in court.  There are two types of marriages that may be annulled: Ones that are void and ones that are voidable.  For example, a marriage between a person who is already married and another person is void.  Likewise, a marriage between a 21-year old and a 14-year old is void because a 14-year old cannot legally marry in Washington.  Upon reaching the legal age (18), however, that marriage would become voidable if the parties remain together.  A marriage conceived under fraudulent circumstances is also voidable.  For example, if a man doing time in prison for homicide escapes and marries a woman without telling her about his criminal past, she can have the marriage declared invalid when she learns about it.

What is right for you?  The proper way to discover this is to seek professional council in these matters.  Seattle area Divorce attorney Lyle M. Clark Jr. will help you sort through your choices between divorce and annulment.  Attorney Clark has over 30 years of experience dealing with family law matters.  Make an appointment at his office at 40 Lake Bellevue Suite 100 in Bellevue by calling (425) 452-3092.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Make a Will this New Year.

Now that you have gathered with the family for the holidays you may be reminded about how much you wish to protect them when you are gone.  Drawing up a will can sometimes be like pre-planning a funeral.  It is something that we put off and put off then suddenly the need arises and we may not be of sound mind and body.  Making a will is a New Year’s resolution worth keeping.

It is difficult to find a lawyer that you can trust with your most interpersonal issues.  You need to be able to speak openly and frankly about your wishes for your estate whatever size it may be after you are gone.  You must find someone who cares as much about each decision you make as you do concerning the estate you have accumulated.

In the Seattle area the right person to trust with this delicate matter is Attorney Lyle M. Clark.  For over 35 years he has strived to make the process of wills, trusts, and probate as safe and secure as it can possibly be.  Start 2016 with a phone call to Lyle Clark and arrange a free consultation at his office at 40 Lake Bellevue Suite 100 in Bellevue WA by calling (425) 452-3092.