Thursday, August 25, 2016

Make Your Labor Day Weekend Plans!

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"The 2016 Labor Day Weekend takes place September 2-5th. There are many great Seattle and Washington events all weekend including festivals, free concerts, movies, and more."

Get out and enjoy your weekend! 


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

The Differences Between SSDI and SSI.

Perhaps the most important thing to understand is that both SSDI and SSI are for disabled individuals seeking cash benefits due to inability to work.  These two programs differ, however when it comes to financial eligibility.  SSDI stands for Social Security Disability Insurance.  SSI, on the other hand, is Supplemental Security Income.

While both SSDI and SSI require medical proof that a claimant is unable to work, the two programs have different financial qualifications.  SSI is a “need based” program for people of Washington State and throughout America.  It has nothing to do with work history, but rather is available to people without other sources of income and assets from which to support themselves.  SSDI gets its funding by levying taxes on everyone’s payroll.  By working over many years you have “contributed” to this fund and may be entitled to benefits while you remain disabled or until you reach your full retirement age.

The layman would never be expected to know all of the ins-and-outs of SSDI and SSI.  This is why you should call on the professional expertise of someone who has been dealing with their nuances for three and a half decades. In the Seattle area that man is Lyle M. Clark Jr., an experienced SSDI and SSI attorney.  Call him on any and all of these matters at (425) 452-3092.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Some of the Reasons for a Prenuptial Agreement.

Some months ago in this space we defined the prenuptial agreement.  Today let’s look at its pros.  For people with large estates the division of property in the event of a divorce can have an impact on their heirs after death.  This is especially true when BOTH parties have property that they do not wish to have co-mingled.  Property distribution and the assignment of debt are at issue if the union dissolves.

Personal issues such as child support and child custody are NOT part of a prenuptial agreement.  The court has the power to decide those issues based on the laws at the time of the divorce.  What ARE valid subjects, however, are real estate, business interests, significant retirement benefits, stock options, and other investments.  Some people may want to provide for their children from a previous marriage.  To be valid and enforceable, however, a prenuptial agreement must be carefully drafted.

In the future we will discuss the cons of a prenuptial agreement.  In the meantime, please know this…for more than three and a half decades Attorney Lyle M. Clark has been advising people seeking divorce in the Seattle area.  You and a generation before you have known him as a Bellevue WA divorce attorney.  Call him on any family legal matter at (425) 452-3092.