Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Seattle's Opening Day - May 7th, 2016

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May 7th, 2016
Seattle Opening Day, the official opening of Seattle's boating season.


Monday, April 18, 2016

What is the Probate Process?

Very simply probate is a legal process that may be required after an individual passes away.  Here are the steps that must be taken during probate:

1.  You must petition the Superior Court to be appointed as personal representative and prove in court that the deceased person’s will is valid.
2.  You must identify and make an inventory of the decedent’s property.
3.  You must have assigned a value to all of the property, which may mean that you will need to have it appraised.
4.  You must pay from the estate’s funds all taxes and other obligations relating to the property and any other debts owed by the deceased individual at the time of death.

The executor of the will must manage all of the assets during the probate process.  Because title to property does not transfer automatically, even a perfectly drafted will does not avoid the need for probate in order to obtain clear title to the assets. However, if the decedent signed a community property agreement, it may be possible to avoid probate upon the death of the first spouse.

Seattle probate attorney Lyle Clark can prepare wills, powers of attorney and healthcare directives for you.  If you are proactive you can avoid a great deal of time and expense in the future.  Rely on the 35+ years of experience that Attorney Clark has had with estate planning and probate.  Set up a meeting at his Bellevue office today by giving him a call at (425) 452-3092.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Defining the Term Divorce in the State of Washington.

Since 1973 the State of Washington has not used the word divorce to describe the legal process for ending a marriage.  The Washington State legislature adopted the Marriage Dissolution Act, which was designed to eliminate the concept of fault from marital proceedings.  The Act abolished the need to prove fault as the grounds for terminating a marriage and did away with the concept of alimony in favor of spousal maintenance.

Marriage dissolution is essentially the same thing as divorce except that “fault” also has no bearing on the division of property or the award of maintenance.  If a marriage is irretrievably broken, then there are grounds for the dissolution of marriage.  If, however, one of the parties desires to contest the dissolution, he or she can petition the court for conciliation, which is in effect forced marriage counseling through the Family Court.

Understanding divorce law in the Evergreen state can be a complicated matter.  You need the expertise of a veteran Seattle family attorney like Lyle M. Clark, Jr.  Attorney Clark will put his more than three decades of experience with the law to work for you to make sure that your side is represented aggressively.  Call Lyle Clark and make an appointment at his Bellevue office right away at (425) 452-3092.