Monday, June 27, 2016

The Bellevue Collection Bellevue Family 4th

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July 4th - 2pm - 10:30pm
Celebrating 25 years of the Eastside's most dazzling 4th of July fireworks extravaganza!
The Eastside’s largest 4th of July event in Bellevue Downtown Park will honor America’s birthday for the 25th consecutive year, featuring a live performance by the Bellevue Youth Symphony Orchestra and a spectacular fireworks display.


Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Why Have a Trust?

Why is having a trust important to you?  The very name indicates strength doesn’t it?  Some of the chief advantages of having a trust are as follows:

1.  To make sure that your worldly possessions are properly allocated when you pass away.
2.  To reduce those nasty gift and estate taxes.
3.  For proper distribution to your heirs in the amounts that YOU see fit.
4.  To make sure that lawsuits cannot deplete the estate.
5.  For naming a trustee that can speak for you after you are gone.

Trusts are many and varied and a qualified attorney will break them down for you.  The cost of setting up a trust is also varied and will depend on such variables as setting up a will, a living will, and a health care proxy for example.  You must protect your assets in the name of the trust.  Anything that is not titled may go to someone you did not intend when you die.

Whom do you “trust” to formulate your trust?  For over three and a half decades that man in Bellevue Washington is Seattle area personal estate attorney Lyle Clark.  Attorney Clark has handled hundreds of wills and trusts from his office located at 40 Lake Bellevue Suite 100.  Get the peace of mind you deserve and make an appointment by calling (425) 452-3092.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

What is Collaborative Divorce in the State of Washington?

Is collaborative divorce right for you and your spouse?  It has become a popular new alternative to traditional divorce in this country.  It is best described as a method by which both parties come to an agreement through cooperative techniques.  Everyone tries to resolve conflicts without litigation having to be a part of what can become a messy process at best.

In the beginning both attorneys and their representatives sign what is known as a “Participation Agreement”.  This is understood as a pact that the issues of the dissolution will be settled in a non-adversarial manner.  Both parties trust that their respective attorneys will assist them in reaching a settlement without the expense of court costs.

In finding the perfect attorney to assist you as your representative look for someone who wants his clients to avoid expensive fees and costs.  Preferably that will be a veteran of Seattle-area family law who has seen every side of the issue of divorce for more than 35 years.  That choice is clear.  Place a call to Bellevue WA collaborative divorce attorney Lyle Clark today at (425) 452-3092.